Amkey Business Review – Worlds Only Cell Renewal and Protection Products

Everyday, our bodies are assaulted by harmful chemicals from the polluted environment around us. This has an effect on our body functioning, energy levels, skin and digestive system. It’s important to flush these toxins out of our body regularly. Amkey manufactures nourishing products that not only help in detoxifying, but also provide vital nutrients that optimize body performance.

Amkey, Inc. was established in 2003 to manufacture health and skin care products using futuristic technology. The headquarters of this company is in Los Angeles. Amkey was set up as a network marketing company with branches in ten countries. So other than good health, this company also offers its customers a chance to earn by promoting Amkey products.

· Amkey Products

Amkey’s product range caters to nutrition, immunity, kid’s health, women’s health, skin care and cleaning supplies. The most notable of Amkey’s products are Nutrigen, an energy booster that eases off stress, OPC Plus that’s composed of ten super antioxidants to fight damage causing free radicals, Royal Propolis that helps in detoxification and Cellgen, a product that nourishes the brain cells.

· The Amkey Income Plan

Amkey offers a generous compensation plan where distributors get a profit of 25% to 50% on selling products at retail prices. Reps also get bonuses when they bring in people and when their teams achieve 100 BV (Business Volume) of sales. Amkey also offers incentives for referrals and a global bonus when a target is achieved. For a small annual fee, distributors get their own website and complete back-office support

· Evaluation Of The Business Opportunity

Amkey’s products, while useful for a healthy existence, may be difficult to sell; firstly because they are expensive and secondly because they are health based. Most people view nutritional products as a means to cure existing ailments; it’s difficult to convince them to buy products that would help prevent health problems. Moreover, there’s tough competition from other brands that sell similar products at a lesser price.

Still, if you’re the kind of person who could use words to your advantage, you could convince people of the unique benefits of Amkey products as compared to other brands. The traditional network marketing routine of calling, meeting and convincing potential customers is not likely to bring in much profit. People are weary of friends and relatives who’ve suddenly discovered a great new product that comes with an opportunity to earn good money.

What you need now is a platform to explain the benefits of the product you promote in a way that’ll make people take interest and approach you. And what’s a better place to express your views than the Internet? Amkey’s an internet friendly company that encourages its members to start their own website to promote their products. You could go a step further and use innovative online marketing techniques such as writing articles, using Facebook and other social networking sites etc. There’s huge demand for detoxifiers, kids products and energy boosters on the Net. It’s now up to you to tap this demand effectively and promote your Amkey products.