75 Green Businesses – Book Review

I just finished reading “75 Green Businesses you can start to make money and make a difference” by Glenn Croston. As a green entrepreneur myself, I read most books that come out on the topic of green jobs and green careers. In my opinion, this book is among the best books written on this subject.

The title of the book is a little misleading, there are 75 jobs that the author dives into but not 75 different businesses. Anyway, the book is a very useful guide on how to break into the green collar industry. There is a great variety of positions covered, from a wind turbine installer to an owner of a green restaurant.

What I like best about the book is the wonderful real life examples. This was helpful to me because it allowed me to see that all of these opportunities are indeed possible. I though the book was very motivating and inspirational. After I read it, my mind was racing as I was trying to think about what green business venture I should jump into. The book also has an extensive resource section at the end and shows the reader where they can find additional information in pursuit of their green careers. The author did leave out one important career path, a green consultant, which is what I do.

In closing, I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to get a green job or if you are looking to advance in the green collar industry. I also recommend this book to any entrepreneur who is looking to capitalize on the next big thing.

Dot Com Media Warns Local Businesses Against Fake Reviews

Fake reviews are becoming common these days to hurt the reputation of businesses. Many new startup companies who lack a strong customer database or have low customer satisfactions levels are engaging in new levels of treachery to gain undeserved popularity, such as by creating fake positive reviews for themselves. These new acts of deceit help companies lure future customers who fall prey to such reviews. Dot Com Media is a responsible corporate citizen and wants to create awareness among local businesses to be watchful of such cunningness.

Most consumers rely on reviews from customers to judge the performance of an online or local company. Due to lack of personal experience, customers tend to evaluate the services and products sold by the company based on positive and negative testimonials. Incompetent businesses that lack professionalism and ethics, may engage in dishonest practices to enhance their business outlook in front of customers by posting false, negative, reviews on their competitor’s website.

Such reviews are mostly self-made, using false names to trick customers into moving away from the website’s products or services. By posting false reviews incompetent businesses hurt their competitor’s reputation. Dot Com Media urges its customers and local businesses to remain vigilant of such activities, which are nefarious and designed to help incapable business sell their inept products or services without any real value for money.

Here are a few tips to identify fake reviews and websites:

Payment options

Check the payment options listed by the company, there are many merchants offering payback services in case the customer is not satisfied. For example, a great way to make transactions safely online is by paying via PayPal, which is widely accepted across the US and any reliable service provider would have a PayPal payment feature. Companies who offer non-secure payment options like direct debit from your credit card or debit card put the customer at risk.

Business Guarantees

Check the guarantees offered by the business. Most businesses offer some sort of assurance in order to gain a potential customer’s trust. Quite commonly, online businesses will post money-back guarantees in case of dissatisfaction. Any professional business would list its terms and conditions, stating its extra services offered to its customers.

Check the Reviews

Always read the reviews posted on the website and be watchful for positive ones. If a review is highly in favor of the company, stating almost all of its services, it is likely a fake testimonial. Companies can now hire freelancers to write fake reviews for their services, typically resulting in an unusual amount of positive comments.

These are some ways to detect fake reviews on a website and to evade the trap conveniently. Dot Com Media always engages in ethical practices and encourages other businesses to conduct operations with honesty and integrity.