OneBode Network Marketing Company Review

The OneBode company domain was registered at the end of July 2006. They appear to be located in Tucson, AZ. As of the time of this writing it appears that Tylene Megley and Sean Loomer are the Founders and Sean Loomers info is on the whois records. This company is another relatively new Network Marketing Company to hit the Internet in the last couple years. They specialize in Holistic Healing and are building their enterprise around the need for customers to have quick access to quality supplements. They offer quality nutrients backed by intensive research that are proven to wholly support the body.

The theory of OneBode is that if you supply your body with the best nutrients right from the start, you won’t get sick in the first place. Just remember that when promoting this company that you are a business owner and not just a Sales Person. I’ve taught for years that sales is not a dirty word, and it’s not. In fact the only people who think it is are the people who aren’t making many sales in the first place. You can take the companies training or you can get free training online.

People write free articles on Network Marketing Training all the time. In fact, I just watched a great video on Mefeedia by a Jonathan Budd who stays on the cutting edge of Network Marketing. He made a great video showing you different tools you can make to grow your business. All I’m saying is that if a company you join has a killer comp plan, and you get a great upline sponsor. He might not be the marketing fanatic you dream of but if he’s just helpful, you can always acquire training for this program wherever you wish. That’s the thing I think most of us Network Marketers forget about a lot is the fact that we all have choices. Sometimes when we’re frustrated however or in lazy mode we forget that.

So if you do decide to join OneBode, start cultivating yourself as a Network Marketer from day one. Let your upline know you are serious and allow their information to soak in, but at the same time go off on your own and find other successful mentors to help you. Notice I said successful, I recommend that as a general rule you don’t follow people who are struggling because in most cases they won’t be of much help even though their intentions may be good. I’m not saying your direct sponsor has to be a major success, as long as someone in your upline is you should be good to go.

The products they offer are Define, Blend, AO, Escalate, Essential and Build. All of these products have some sort of holistic healing potential, and there are millions and millions of people every year, and this is no exaggeration, who purchase these products for what they can do for them and how they can help them live a more fulfilling life.