Deaxis Business Review – How to Succeed With This Income Opportunity

What Is Deaxis?

Deaxis is a direct sales company that sells jewelry for women, men and even kids. Independent representatives are able to earn commissions per product volume sold and new reps sponsored.

Your Marketing Approach

Like most network marketing and direct sales companies you will be recommended to make a warm list of contacts, market your business to that list, pass out fliers, hold home meetings, prospects strangers, buy leads, cold call leads, send people to recorded calls and many other silly methods. These are not the most effective marketing approaches because none of the people you talk to had the idea or intention to start a business with Deaxis.

There is such a high failure rate in this industry because people follow the above advice. Plus the major skills required like selling, marketing and recruiting are not known by many. A wiser marketing approach is to position yourself in a way that allows you to be found by people looking for what you offer. This allows you to attract more serious and qualified people for your business. Even if you just recruited anyone, you would be doing your business a disservice because you need motivated and entrepreneurial minded people if you intend to actually experience success.

A Helpful Tool

In order to fill your Deaxis team with the most qualified prospects you need to market in a way that these people can find you. A tool that can make this much easier than is sounds is absolutely the internet. By marketing you and your business online you can put your message in front of the people who want to see it.

Thousands upon thousands of network marketers have finally experienced success because of the internet. The internet provides you with leverage and resources that can give you a distinct advantage over the competition and get more done than you could just by yourself. So if you attempting to grow your Deaxis business and it seem like things just aren’t working, you might want to take a look at the internet and use it to help grow your team.

ACFN ATM Franchise Review – (Franchise Opportunity and Business Review)

ACFN is an ATM (automated cash machine) franchise business opportunity for many entrepreneurs looking for a low cost business to own and operate. Here is a simple review of the business and franchise with ACFN.

ACFN the ATM franchise business opportunity for any entrepreneur looking to own and operate their own business and comes at a cost of just under $40,000. The system is designed for any bricks and mortar business including hotel brands as well as movie theaters, hospitals, night clubs, sports bars, breweries and other city properties. The benefits of owning this type of business of course do not have to be explained as most of us use this service on almost a weekly basis.

There is no experience required to start this opportunity as the company does offer a full and comprehensive training program. This will include benefit from extensive site research, professional experienced advice on proper placement within the establishment to help maximize transactions, central processing, industry specific training, monitoring services, an ongoing revenue stream from each franchisee location.

The down fall of this franchise business however will be in the maintenance and service that will be required in which you the owner will be driving to and from one site to the other with the general activities of this upkeep. Although this business is listed as an ENTREPRENEUR TOP 500 home based business, home based is not exactly what it is.

The ACFN ATM franchise opportunity is a solid business that although takes a large investment, could pan out to be the right investment for some. In review, the ATM franchise business is a good business that given time and the right location might be a lucrative way to find success in this economy. For those of us who have found success as entrepreneurs know that success is only based on solid training, solid opportunity, product or service and the willingness to apply massive action.

Lifemax Opportunity Business Review

Lifemax is a company that makes and distributes a health product called Mila. Mila is said to be the worlds healthiest whole raw food and presents many health benefits to users of the product. It contains the highest concentration of Omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and fiber than any other food source. These categories in the health industry are scientifically proven to have many health benefits, including but not limited to heart benefits, anti-aging benefits, and cancer and weight loss benefits. Although I cannot personally make any guarantees, the product does seem to have a high success rate. Lifemax also offers a business opportunity to distribute the Mila product. Lifemax is considered a multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunity and does have its advantages and disadvantages.

There is a growing problem in the world surrounding health issues and mal-nutrition. People are eating foods and living unhealthy lives because of the environment we live in or the foods we eat. What this means is that people desire health more than ever before. This health can be seen in many forms, whether it is physical health or mental health. Due to this large desire from the population there is a huge demand for products that can help people achieve that goal. Lifemax has created a product that fills this need.

The Lifemax business opportunity is attractive because it offers an impressive product, one that is proprietary. This means that only members of the Lifemax network have the rights to sell it. Since Lifemax offers the world a desired product, in Mila, there is an overwhelming demand, which means there are plenty of people searching for this product and will ultimately spend money to purchase it. This is good news for any new business owner or someone that is looking for a good opportunity. Lifemax also offers a simple compensation plan. The compensation plan of many opportunities is complicated and hard to understand, therefore making it hard to set specific goals and stay motivated. The Lifemax plan offers its distributors three methods to taking in revenue. They offer transactional income from selling the products, they offer transitional income when you move up in the Lifemax network and then they offer residual income from the ongoing support of your team. This plan along side the high class product makes this an opportunity worth looking at.

There are a few things that I will point out related to this opportunity however. They state that their system is built on the premise that the first thing you do is get your friends and family involved in the Lifemax opportunity. But what happens when that is saturated and you need to venture elsewhere to make capital. There are many ways to sell products. Some of these are easier than others and some require hard work. Marketing these types of products often require cold calls to potential customers as well as sales conferences held at hotels. Lifemax submits network marketing using the Internet as a gold mine for distributing their products. Although I do agree with this, there are a lot of techniques to learn in order to be successful.

So although I do believe this looks to be a promising opportunity and a great product, the traditional marketing and the amount of people you have to get are extremely high when compared to the income. This ratio may or may not be what you are looking for. I believe if you can master attraction marketing online, you can be successful with any business opportunity.