EDC Gold Review – EDC Gold Network Marketing Business Review

Michael Corcoran and Craig Garcia launched EDC Gold in November 2006. Before starting EDC Gold, Michael had established a company named Referral Ware in 2001, while Craig had worked as crest speaker and producer with numerous MLM companies. Both them have around 20 years of consolidated experience in the software as well as MLM industry.

Initially, Craig and Michael started trading in online programs such as in E-books and many other software packages. By doing this, they realized the fact that E-books had actually been the best sellers for them. They earned billions of dollars in this field, due to which their competitors started developing insecurity feeling for them and doubted their innovative techniques and creative ideas used for software programming.

Nevertheless, this does not obstruct EDC Gold’s growing repute. In fact, the founders went ahead, utilized their experience in MLM companies. This company unlike other MLM companies follows a decent method of home based business. If you wish to participate in this business, then you as an Independent consultant have to purchase large quantities of E-books and other software programs, since all these digital products have resale rights. As this company follows MLM principles, it offers adequate opportunities of business for consumers by selling and promoting their business. There is indeed a wide scope of prospectus in doing business with EDC Gold.

Moreover, EDC Gold generously congratulates the top performers in the company of numerous members, because this actually creates a motivation for other members to be the best performers. In addition, EDC Gold follows the binary reimbursement graph.

However, unlike other companies, EDC Gold is filled with positive aspects as compared to the negative qualities. The best part of EDC Gold’s home based business opportunities is that, both the owners equally contribute in helping the members through phone or any other media. In addition, they even talk to respective customers on behalf of the members and sell the products. This feature is available only with EDC Gold. Members can sell these products repeatedly and make money, without even bothering about the inventory of stocks.

Next, considering the cons, members of EDC Gold find it difficult to promote their products in the competitive market, as there are many companies dealing in the same aspects.

Finally, EDC Gold is purely a legitimate company and strives hard to keep up with the expectations of its huge consumer base.

Amkey Business Review – Worlds Only Cell Renewal and Protection Products

Everyday, our bodies are assaulted by harmful chemicals from the polluted environment around us. This has an effect on our body functioning, energy levels, skin and digestive system. It’s important to flush these toxins out of our body regularly. Amkey manufactures nourishing products that not only help in detoxifying, but also provide vital nutrients that optimize body performance.

Amkey, Inc. was established in 2003 to manufacture health and skin care products using futuristic technology. The headquarters of this company is in Los Angeles. Amkey was set up as a network marketing company with branches in ten countries. So other than good health, this company also offers its customers a chance to earn by promoting Amkey products.

· Amkey Products

Amkey’s product range caters to nutrition, immunity, kid’s health, women’s health, skin care and cleaning supplies. The most notable of Amkey’s products are Nutrigen, an energy booster that eases off stress, OPC Plus that’s composed of ten super antioxidants to fight damage causing free radicals, Royal Propolis that helps in detoxification and Cellgen, a product that nourishes the brain cells.

· The Amkey Income Plan

Amkey offers a generous compensation plan where distributors get a profit of 25% to 50% on selling products at retail prices. Reps also get bonuses when they bring in people and when their teams achieve 100 BV (Business Volume) of sales. Amkey also offers incentives for referrals and a global bonus when a target is achieved. For a small annual fee, distributors get their own website and complete back-office support

· Evaluation Of The Business Opportunity

Amkey’s products, while useful for a healthy existence, may be difficult to sell; firstly because they are expensive and secondly because they are health based. Most people view nutritional products as a means to cure existing ailments; it’s difficult to convince them to buy products that would help prevent health problems. Moreover, there’s tough competition from other brands that sell similar products at a lesser price.

Still, if you’re the kind of person who could use words to your advantage, you could convince people of the unique benefits of Amkey products as compared to other brands. The traditional network marketing routine of calling, meeting and convincing potential customers is not likely to bring in much profit. People are weary of friends and relatives who’ve suddenly discovered a great new product that comes with an opportunity to earn good money.

What you need now is a platform to explain the benefits of the product you promote in a way that’ll make people take interest and approach you. And what’s a better place to express your views than the Internet? Amkey’s an internet friendly company that encourages its members to start their own website to promote their products. You could go a step further and use innovative online marketing techniques such as writing articles, using Facebook and other social networking sites etc. There’s huge demand for detoxifiers, kids products and energy boosters on the Net. It’s now up to you to tap this demand effectively and promote your Amkey products.

Wellness International Network (WIN) Home Business Review

In October 1992, Wellness International Network, Ltd. (WIN) became a reality. WIN’s Founders, Ralph and Cathy Oats saw the potential for the health and wellness industry and knew they could make a positive mark by providing others with a vehicle to achieve total wellness: mentally, physically and financially.

WIN is headquartered in North Dallas’ prestigious Legacy Business Park campus, while its European affiliate, WIN Worldwide BV , is located in Hoofddorp, Netherlands and its South African affiliate, Wellness International Network S.A. (Pty) Limited, is located in Johannesburg, South Africa. Heading into the company’s 16th year of business, Ralph and Cathy’s vision is ever expanding as they build WIN into a billion-dollar business.

The product line includes new protein shake, an omega-3 supplement and a new hair-care collection. Diving into the latest trend, anti-aging, WIN unveiled a skin-care line using the technology to help wipe away the signs of aging.

You can use Wellness International Network’s products with confidence, the product line ranges from products geared to help increase energy, stamina, weight loss and enhance mental function and mood to a complete line of cellular nutritional products, plus skin- and hair-care products.

WIN’s complete nutritional line is listed in the PDR® for Nonprescription Drugs, Dietary Supplements and Herbs. The PDR is distributed to more than 300,000 physicians and healthcare professionals across the United States giving them a comprehensive overview on WIN’s nutritional products.

WIN seems to have some very solid products in their line and their marketing strategy is based on sampling with the Five Step Program. This approach is focused on using and sharing the products and opportunity. With this kind of marketing you have to consume a lot of different products yourself before you can share your experience with others. That’s why people invest a lot af money before they see some results. WIN’s compensation plan is somewhat confusing and hard to understand.

To sum it up, WIN appears to be a legitimate business opportunity. The executive team is experienced in their field and have come up with what appears to be products with mass appeal. As with any business, it takes hard work and dedication to succeed. If you like marketing many different products, maybe this could be something for you. Keep in mind the possible investments of all the different products.